till 11am


Egg & Cheese: Swiss, Provolone, Cheddar, Feta on House Bread or English $3.50

On a Plain Bagel $4.50

Add Ham, Bacon or  Sausage $1.00

Add Veggies: Tomato, Spinach, Onion, Peppers, Hots .50 each


Our Own Bagel

with Butter & Cream Cheese $3.00


House Bread Toasted $2.00



Our Own All Natural Scones. Muffins, Danish, Croissants, Donuts, Turnovers, Strudel, Cannoli,  Pastry

$2.50 - $3.00


Soup & Quiche of the Day



Cup $3.50

Bowl $5.50

Quart $10.50



Slice $5.50

with Soup or Salad $8.95

Whole Quiche $16.00


Sandwiches $7.50

Choice of Bread ~  Our Own House White, Wheat, Herb Sliced Bread, Bulkie Rolls, Plain Bagels, Baguette

Choice of Chips, Side Salad or Fruit


Chicken Salad ~ Chicken & Fruit Chutney, Lettuce & Tomato

Plain Tuna - White Tuna with Lettuce, Tomato

Curried Tuna - Tuna with Mayo, Curry, Fruit Chutney, Lettuce, Tomato

Marinated Grilled Portabella ~ with Cheddar, Pesto Mayo, Tomato, Spinach, Red Onion, Sprouts

All American Burger ~ Burger w/ Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Sautéed Onions, 1000 Island Dressing

BBLT ~ Beef Burger, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo

Hummus Wrap ~ Hummus of the Day with Spinach, Cucumber, Red Onion, Sprouts, Red or Green Peppers

Grilled Chicken Panini ~ Marinated Chicken Breast, Provolone Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion & Chipotle Mayo

Roast Beef Panini ~ Roast Beef with Provolone Cheese, Pesto Mayo, Roasted Red Peppers, Onion, Spinach

Turkey BLT Club ~ with Raspberry Mayo

The Breadless - Ham & Swiss Rolled in Romain Lettuce with Bread & Butter Pickles, Cream Cheese & Olive Spread


Sandwiches $5.50

add Fruit or Chips $1


BLT ~ Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato

Grilled Cheese

Hummus on Toast

Jumbo Hot Dog  Plain or with Chili, Sauerkraut or Cheese n' Bacon

PB&J or PB and Fluff




The Garden.....All the Veggies.....$5.25.....$7.95

The Caesar.....$5.75.....$8.95

The Greek....All the Veggies + Feta Cheese + Kalamata Olives.....$6.25.....$8.95

The Asian Chicken Salad.....Chicken Greens, Mandarin Oranges, Almonds, Pepper & Onion, Noodles, Chicken.....$7.25.....$9.95

The Sloppy Taco.....Tortilla Chips, Taco Beef or Chicken or Refried Beans, Fixings.....$7.25.....$9.95

The Roasted Brussels Sprout.....Brussels Sprouts, Mixed Greens, Carrots, Dried Cranberries, Almonds, Parmesan Cheese.....$7.25......$9.95


Specialty Lunches $10.99


Butternut Ravioli with Maple Alfredo - Available in Gluten Free

Sautéed Veggie Salad - Mixed Veggies in Garlic Oil and Served on a Bed of Mixed Greens

Tortellini & Asparagus with Creamy Alfredo Sauce or Pesto Alfredo...Ad Chicken or a Portebella $2.50


Coffee Drinks

Today's Brew  $1.00/$1.50/$2.00

Latte Macchiato $2.95 $4.75

Iced Latte $4.25

Iced Mocha $4.95

Iced Chai $4.95

Expresso Shot $1.00 $2.00

Flavor Shot .50 $1.00

Cafe Miel $2.75 $4.50

Steamer $2.00 $4.00

French Press $3.00 $5.00


Other Drinks

Flavored Tea $1.50/$2.50 Fruit Smoothy $3

Milk Shake $3


Espresso Drinks

Cappuccino $2.50  $4.25

Latte              $2.75 $4.50

Mocha          $3.00 $4.95

Macchiato     $1.95 $2.75

Breve            $2.50 $4.95

Chai Latte     $2.50 $4.25

Dirty Chai     $3.50 $5.25

Espresso - Con Pama $2.00 $3.95

Flat White     $2.25 $4.25


Have a Special Diet?


Our bakery desserts and pastries are often available with ingredients that will accompany special dietary restrictions.


Gluten Free

Sugar Free





Prepared and baked on the premises with all natural ingredients.


Croissants, Muffins, Scones, Bagels, Danish, Donuts,

Cupcakes, Turnovers, Strudel, Cannoli & Pastry $2.50 - $3.00


Bread by the Loaf $3.00

Whole Coffee Cake $12.00

10" Fruit Pie $12.50

Cream Pies $12.50

Whole Strudel $12.00

Sip n' Soup Bistro

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Cakes, Pies, Pastries, Bouquets, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Hand Made Chocolates and Cupcakes made to order. Sugar free, vegan, eggless and gluten free are available.


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Sip n' Soup Bistro
Sip n' Soup Bistro